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                                                                          Points of Unity

We the undersigned organizations and individuals endorse the following Points of Unity and, on the basis of these points, agree to work together in the Ad Hoc Hands Off Syria Coalition to help put an end to the illegal intervention by the United States, NATO and their regional allies and the killing of innocent people in Syria.

1.      In essence, the war in Syria is the result of a U.S.-orchestrated intervention by the United States, NATO, their regional allies and reactionary forces, the goal of which is an illegal regime change in Syria.

2.      This policy of regime change in Syria is in clear violation of the United Nations Charter, the letter and spirit of international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

3.      This policy of forced regime change is threatening the security of the region and the world and has increased the danger of direct confrontation between the United States and Russia, with the potential of a nuclear catastrophe for the whole world.

4.      No foreign entity, be it a foreign government or an armed group, has the right to violate the fundamental rights of the Syrian people to independence, national sovereignty and self-determination. This includes the right of the Syrian government to request and accept military assistance from other countries, as even the U.S. government has admitted. *

5.      Only the people of Syria have the inalienable right to choose their leaders and determine the character of their government, free from foreign intervention. This right cannot be properly exercised under the conditions of U.S.-orchestrated foreign intervention and terrorism against the Syrian people.

6.      Our opposition to forced regime change in Syria by U.S.-backed foreign powers and their mercenaries does not imply support for the present Syrian government or President Assad. It is not our business to support or oppose President Assad or the Syrian government. Only the Syrian people have the right to decide the legitimacy of their government.

7.      The most urgent issue at present is putting an end to the illegal foreign intervention and terrorism that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the displacement of millions of Syrians both internally or as refugees abroad.

Based on these Points of Unity, we as individual and organizational members of the Ad Hoc Hands Off Syria Coalition agree on the following demands and commit ourselves to working together to help achieve them:

1.      An immediate end to all illegal foreign military operations in Syria.

2.      An immediate end to the illegal U.S. policy of forced regime change in Syria and full recognition and compliance by the U.S., NATO and their allies with principles of international law and the U.N. Charter, including respect for the independence and territorial integrity of Syria.

3.      The immediate removal of all invading foreign forces from the internationally recognized territory of Syria.

4.      An immediate end to all military, financial, logistical and intelligence support by the U.S., NATO and their regional allies to all foreign mercenaries and extremists in the Middle East region.

5.      An immediate end to economic sanctions against Syria.

Only in a peaceful and independent Syria, free of foreign aggression, can the people of Syria freely exercise their sovereign rights, express their free will and make free choices about their government and their country’s leadership.

We invite all supporters of peace and peoples’ right to self-determination around the world to join hands of cooperation in this coalition to achieve these most humanitarian demands.

We need jobs, healthcare, education and an end to racist police violence here at home, not U.S. wars abroad!!

●       At a meeting with Syrian civilians held during the September 2016 U.N. General Assembly in New York, U.S. Secretary of State John “... Kerry was trying to explain that the United States has no legal justification for attacking Mr. Assad’s government, whereas Russia was invited in by the government.” - The New York Times, Oct. 1, 2016

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