Sat. March 18 -- National March on Washington

On the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq

Thousands marched in Washington, DC and in 15 other cities around the United States

Peace in Ukraine - No weapons, no money for the Ukraine War
Abolish NATO – End U.S. militarism & sanctions!
Fund people’s needs, not the war machine!
No war with China!
End U.S. aid to racist apartheid Israel!
Fight racism & bigotry at home, not other peoples!
U.S. hands off Haiti!

End the Sanctions on Syria!


More than 2,500 people participated in the rally, march and teach-in on March 18 on the 20th anniversary of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.  The Washington, DC demonstration called for an end to the US/NATO proxy war in Ukraine, which is the center of world politics today, and is ushering in a new era where the United States, the main imperialist power in the world, is seeing its economic, political and military hegemony being eroded as other alliances are taking shape to challenge the US.  This, however, is creating a dangerous situation where major nuclear powers are facing off against each other as the US and its NATO allies continually pump more weapons, money and mercenaries into Ukraine. [Read more]

                  ​                   The Wars Come Home
                    UNAC Statement on the Black Lives Matter Uprising

                                                Defend Black Lives!
                                       NO Police State! NO Military Dictatorship!
                         Release all arrestees! NO more attacks on anti-racist protesters!

The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) stands in solidarity with communities across the country who are rising up in protest against racist police violence. As Donald Trump calls for the deployment of the U.S military in response to these national protests, UNAC condemns the use of any police and military forces being deployed to violently suppress these protests. We call on all anti-war activists to help organize or join in these actions demanding justice and an end to the state-terror being inflicted upon black and brown communities within this country.

The ongoing protests began in Minnesota on Monday May 25, 2020 in response to the murder of George Floyd, a 46-year old black man, by four police officers in the city of Minneapolis. The horrific killing was caught on multiple videos which revealed two cops pinning an already handcuffed Floyd facedown to the ground, one cop standing over him, and a fourth one pressing his knee into the victim’s neck for nearly nine minutes even as he cried, “I can’t breathe,” and soon became unresponsive. Floyd died moments later. [read more]

A new book on Sanctions has been release on US imposed sanctions. This webinar includes the authors of several of the chapters.

Intensifying US sanctions, imposed on a third of humanity, are sending shock waves through the world economy. Now this brutal form of economic warfare on civilian populations is being contested. US dollar dominance is being challenged as the currency of global trade. Sanctions have boomeranged back on the US and EU countries with inflation, supply chain shortages, and a looming recession causing hardship at home. But by far the greatest burden is borne by 40+ sanctioned countries. The US response is doubling down on harsher sanctions. What are the implications?

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Sanction Kill

UNAC is a founding member of the Sanctions Kill Coalition.  Unilateral economic sanctions is the perfered way that the US has sought regime change recently in countries that will not follow the dictates of Washington and Wall Street.  Crippling sanctions have been imposed on 39 countries and have been even increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For more information, please go to the Sanctions Kill web site at:

Support the Black Alliance for Peace

UNAC Supports the work of the Black Alliance for Peace.  Click here to read their statements:

BAP web site is here:

A Response to Attacks on our Movement - the New McCarthyism

​​Recently articles have appeared on the front page of the New York Times that try to smear Code Pink, The People’s Forum and TriContinental as Chinese agents.  The Times article was followed by a statement from Senator Marco Rubio calling for investigation of the people mentioned in the article. 


Another article using similar McCarthyite tactics, by Lawrence S. Wittner, appeared in CounterPunch, Foreign Policy in Focus and The Daily Kos. Each are considered “progressive” publications. This attack uses the exact terminology of HUAC - the House on Un-American Activity. Wittner's attack is titled: “Spinning Illusions: The Anti-American Left and the Ukraine War” 

The article targeted the United Antiwar Coalition - UNAC, International Action Center, Code Pink, The Peace in Ukraine Coalition.  UNAC and IAC are called “campists” and “anti-American.” 

A response from UNAC and IAC was sent to the publications that printed the attack.  At this time none of the 3 publications that printed the attack piece have carried the political response from those they attacked. 

These attacks are designed to silence critics of the U.S. at a time when we are seeing an escalating U.S. / NATO war in Ukraine and as the U.S. continues its aggression towards another nuclear power, China.  

We must stop this new Cold War and this move back to McCarthyism. We must not be silent.

Click here for a statement by UNAC coordinator Joe Lombardo and UNAC Administrative Committee member, and International Action Center coordinator, Sara Flounder, who was also named in the article.

Click here to view the recent UNAC webinar with victims of government repression.

UNAC members participated in anti-NATO protests in Madrid, Spain during the weekend before the June 28 - 30 NATO Summit

​During the weekend before the NATO meeting in Madrid, Spain, on June 28 – 30, thousands rallied in the streets and meeting halls of the city in opposition to the NATO summit.  Protesters include people from the United States including Joe Lombardo, coordinator of UNAC and other UNAC members along with Ann Wright, Paki Weiland of Code Pink and others. People also came from many other countries around the world. Two meetings were held in Madrid to counter the NATO summit, one called the Peace Summit and the other the Counter Summit.  Both recognized the aggressive character of the US led NATO alliance.  The Peace Summit’s final resolution can be found here, and rough translation of the Counter Summit’s final resolution can be found here. [read more]

United National Antiwar Coalition Statement on Ukraine

​​The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) remains steadfast in its opposition to the United States/NATO imperialist project. The people of Ukraine are now suffering in a war zone because of the actions of the United States, beginning with the 2014 coup which violently ousted an elected president. The goal then as now was to use Ukraine as a weapon to target Russia militarily. We point out that the current conflict is not the first for Ukraine. More than 14,000 people living in the eastern Donbas region have died in an eight-year long war because they refused to accept the coup government imposed by the U.S. [read more]

 For a more comprehensive background statement from UNAC, please click here

UNAC condemns the calls for armed intervention in Haiti

​The possibility of another armed intervention in Haiti has come one step closer as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has caved into US pressure and voted to support a US military attack on the country.

Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago in early July, the CARICOM conference has switched from opposition to such an intervention to supporting it.  At the meeting, attended by Antony Blinken and a bipartisan US Congressional delegation, CARICOM called for the creation of a “Humanitarian and Security Corridor” in Haiti.  On the following day the head of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) issued a call for a “robust international force” to be sent to Haiti.  BINUH along with the so called “Core Group” (Which includes the US, France. Canada, the EU and others) have been an occupying force in Haiti since 2004.  This occupying force has been responsible for the suppression of Haiti’s independence and sovereignty and have helped create a vacuum of leadership that has resulted in an acute crisis in the country. [read more]

                 The War in Ukraine – 1 year on

​                                                       This webinar took place on 2/21/23

                                                                  Click here or the image to view the Webinar


                                  Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector in Iraq 
                                      Margaret Kimberley of the Black Alliance for Peace, Black Agenda                                                                                           Report and UNAC

Free Julian Assange

Many believe that Julian Assange may be extradited to the U.S. at any time.  All of his appeals in the U.K. have been exhausted.  Here he faces the possibility of 175 years in prison in harsh conditions of the "crime" of exposing U.S. War crimes to the world.  The U.S. wants to make sure that no journalist of activists will ever contradict the statements of the U.S. government or expose the cover-ups of their crimes so they want to make an example of Julian Assange as a warning to us all.  

Recently, former U.K. diplomat and Assange supporter, Craig Murray did a short tour in the U.S., which UNAC helped organize.  Other U.S. supporters appeared on the platforms with Craig Murray.  Click here or the image below to hear the program in Woodstock, NY.

Click here to sign the antiwar statement in support of freedom for Julian Assange.

Hands off Niger
UNAC Statement

                                            popular action in support of the new government

​The recent popularly-supported coup in Niger is a blow against France and other Western Imperialist nations. In response, France and the U.S., along with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), have threatened to invade Niger to re-install the former compliant government of Mohamed Bazoum.  Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea, all former French colonies, have stated that they will defend the new government in Niger.  French imperialism is being expelled from Africa. Africa and the entire world will be better off for it. [read more]

Also read: War in Africa and War in the Americas: Accelerating the End of White World Supremacy, Black Agenga Report, Ajamu Baraka

US Peace and Solidarity Delegation goes to Venezuela

A 13-member peace and solidarity delegation from the United States landed in Caracas, Venezuela on the weekend of March 9 and 10 despite American Airlines, the main US airline that flies to Venezuela, cancelling some flights.  The delegation including leaders of antiwar groups from the US and Canada including: Bahman Azad the organizational secretary of the US Peace Council, who was the sponsoring organization for the trip, Gerry Condon, pres. of Veterans for Peace, Sara Flanders, co-coordinator of the International Action Center, Ajamu Baraka, national coordinator of the Black Alliance for Peace, progressive journalist, Eva Bartlett, Joe Lombardo, co-coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), Sarah Martin from Women Against Military Madness, Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers of Popular Resistance, Darien De Lu, President of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom - US, Miguel Figueroa, president of the Canadian Peace Congress and Daniel Shea, board of directors, Veterans for peace. [read more]

​​​​​UNAC in Odessa to Support Memorial of those killed by Right-wing on May 2, 2014

                                                                         Gathering for memorial of those massacred       Fascist try to disrupt

UNAC members and friends traveled to Odessa to support the memorial of those killed by fascist forces on May 2, 2014 while they were protesting the US supported coup at Maidan Square.  Once again the fascist forces tried to disrupt and held their own rally to "celebrate" what they consider a victor.

Please read the report by UNAC co-coordinator Joe Lombardo here

A second report of Maidan Square in Kiev can be seenhere

In Ukraine pro-fascist organizations have been supported by the police and the government.  Many from ultra-rightest organizations are in the government.  The anti-Maidan organizations also functions but face arrest and assassination and are driven underground.  This is the government that the US supports.

No to U.S. War Threats Against China

UNAC Statement on China

The Biden administration is intensifying its aggression against China. The Pentagon’s new Pacific Deterrence Initiative includes increasing the U.S. military’s encirclement of China and deploying nuclear missiles that had previously been banned by the U.S.-signed Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Recently, President Biden met with leaders of Japan, India and Australia – what has become known as the “Quad,” a military and economic alliance against China. The Pentagon is calling for its annual Pacific budget to be doubled over last year’s $multi billion allocation.  Read More

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Visit the UNAC Blog for articles on important issues written by UNAC members and friends

SANCTIONS: A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy

This webinar took place on December 10th

Click the image below to view the video of the webinar

Speakers include: Ajamu Baraka - Black Alliance for Peace, Erica Jung - Nodutdol Korean Community Development, Carlos Martinez - International Manifesto Group, Lee Siu Hin - China-US Solidarity Network, Judy Bello - Syria Support Movement & UNAC, Ann Garrison - Pacifica reporter & Black Agenda Report, Rick Sterling - Task Force on the Americas, Sara Flounders - International Action Center

Order the book:

         UNAC‘s answer to an attack on our anti-imperialism that was printed in the Nation.

Recently, there have been increased attacks on the peace movement from “progressives” for our consistent opposition to U.S. intervention in other countries.  A recent sign-on letter was produced with hundreds of signatures attacking our opposition to outside intervention in Syria.  UNAC answered that letter with our own sign-on letter explaining our position on Syria.  Our letter got over 1300 individual and organizational co-signers from 50 different countries.  That letter can be seen here

Now, the Nation has published an attack piece by Professor Gilbert Achcar, who considers himself a socialist.  Achcar's article singles out 3 organizations, the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and the US Peace Council from the United States and the Stop the War Coalition from Britain.  Below is a statement from UNAC answering this attack.

These attacks do not happen in a vacuum.  Since the Biden election, there has been increased activity on the part of the US administration in Syria, increased propaganda aimed at China and Russia and a continuation of Trump’s policies against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and other countries as well as support for Israel and its horrific attacks on the Palestinian people.  The article in the Nation and other outlets give left cover to the imperialists.  These attacks serve the interest of the new Democratic administration to silence the peace movement.   But, we have no intention of being silent.  

                          US/Saudi Arabia, Stop Your War on Yemen

In recent weeks we have seen a huge escalation of the war against Yemen being waged by a coalition of forces that includes the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the UK and France.  These forces have waged a relentless war against Yemen, the poorest Arab country.  There has been continuous bombing of the country by Saudi Arabia, including hospitals, schools, food supplies, neighborhoods, infrastructure and other civilian targets.  More than 14,600 civilians have been killed and injured and over three million people have been internally displaced.  The devastation has been so bad that the country is now entirely dependent on outside aid as eight million Yemenis face famine.  The worst cholera epidemic ever has caused over 1 million cases and resulted in more than 2,200 deaths.

Youth Against Empire

For information of the UNAC initiated youth antiwar group, Youth Against Empire, click here.

UNAC Supports Odessa Solidarity Movement.

​The web site is here: Please go to the web site and support the campaign.

​Video, fascism in Ukraine:

Read documentation of the growth of fascism in Ukraine:  (please wait a few seconds for documentation to load)

Read the report of UNAC member's trip to Odessa to support the families of those murdered at the house of trade unions -Report 1 – Kiev. Report 2 - Odessa

Around 300 people registered for the national conference of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), which was held at the People’s forum in New York City over the weekend of February 21 – 23.  This was the fifth national conference that was held by UNAC, which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020.  The conference, which was titled “Rise Against Militarism, Racism and the Climate Crisis – Building Power Together,” brought together a range of experienced antiwar leaders and younger activists who are stepping into leadership of our movement.

​Participants at the conference came from 27 states and 4 other countries.  The conference was livestreamed.  The livestreams were viewed by more than 5,000 people. The links to the videos are below [read more]  

(now more than ever)

The two Sanctions Kill webinars, hosted by UNAC were important steps in the fight against US imposed Sanctions

Thousands attended through Zoom, Facebook and YouTube

View the first webinar here.

View the second webinar here.  

  The speakers at the webinars included:

Venezuela – Vice Minister for North America, Carlos J. Ron Martinez
Syria – Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Bashar Ja’afari

Nicaragua – Nicaragua Ambassador to the US, Francisco O Campbell
Cuba – Ana Silvia Rodriguez Abascal, Charge des Affaires, Permanent

                   Cuban Mission to UN,
Zimbabwe - Represented by Omawale Clay

Iran - Majid Takkt-Ravanchi, Ambassador to the United Nations

          and Sayed Hosein Mousavian, Retired Iranian Ambassador 

Palestine - Dr. Medhat Abbas, Director of Primary Care, speaking from Gaza

Yemen - Dr. Yahyia Mohammed Saleh Murshed, Union of Arab Academics,

              speaking from Sana’a University, Yemen

Korea DPRK - Dr Kee Park, Harvard Medical School neurosurgery doctor,

              who volunteers in DPRK

The US has imposed economic sanctions against 39 countries.  In many cases, this denies them access to medicine and medical equipment as well as access to world markets for food and other necessities.  During the coronavirus crisis the US, with the highest death count in the world, has upped the sanctions against countries like Iran and Venezuela, and has tried to weaponize COVID-19 to bring down governments that will not follow the dictates of Washington and Wall Street.  The UN has asked that sanctions be loosened during this crisis but the US has done the opposite.  Many US allies have broken with them and sent medical aid to some of these countries.  Now is an important time for the people in the US to come out strongly against these sanctions, which are simply war by other means.  

For more information on the Sanctions Kill campaign please go to the website at:  Also look at the important resource section on the website. 

 Sign the Open Letter to the Government of the US and the UN to end sanctions now

Click Here to Sign the Open Letter


                                                                       Rally in Yemen against US/Saudi War

​Even before the war began, this impoverished country imported 90% of its food.  The port of Hodeidah has been the primary entry point for food and other aid and is now the target of a new offensive by the US/Saudi/UAE coalition threatening mass starvation to get the Yemeni people to submit to their will.   The recent attack on Hodeidah has included massive Saudi bombing of the port and a ground force that includes officers from the UAE leading anti-Ansar Allah Yemenis along with mercenaries, many from Sudan.  This attempt to close the port of Hodeidah should be seen as a war crime. [read more]

End the U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine

​All Out, Sept 30 - Oct 8

Click here to add your local action to the list of actions

Click here to view the list of actions


UNAC along with the Peace in Ukraine Coalition, Code Pink, Veterans For Peace and others are planning a week of action for peace in Ukraine.

The actions will take place in local areas during the week of September 30 – October 7.  Start planning in your local area now.  

End the War in Ukraine!
No to NATO!
No Weapons, No Money for War! 

Hands off Haiti

UNAC statement on the situation in Haiti


The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) rejects any and all calls for new occupations of Haiti. United States and Canadian military are already on the ground in the capital of Port au Prince under the guise of providing security from gangs when they are in fact repeating the same old playbook, asserting control of Haiti against the will of its citizens. 

The people of Haiti have protested for eight weeks straight against IMF austerity measures and against the United States and United Nations imposed puppet government. Yet the show of popular opposition has been relegated by the corporate media, American politicians, and many world leaders to the sphere of criminal activity. [read more]


United National Antiwar Coalition

Members of the Sanctions Kill coalition from the New York area, including members of the UNAC Administrative Committee had the opportunity to meet with a Venezuelan delegation that was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly meeting during the week of September 20 – 24.   We presented them with a copy of the new report just released by the coalition called, “The Impact and Consequences of US Sanctions.” Please click the link to read or download a copy of the report

                                                                                    Meeting of Sanctions Kill members with Venezuelan representatives

​At the meeting we were able to discuss with the Venezuelans the work we are doing to oppose sanctions against all 39 countries that are illegally sanctioned by the US.  They were able to tell us of the important meetings they were holding with other sanctioned countries to demand the US abide by the UN charter and not imposed these illegal unilateral sanctions. 

The new report by the Sanctions Kill coalition that was presented to the Venezuelans was announced and released at a webinar sponsored by the coalition called, “North American Solidarity Activists Speak Out. US SANCTIONS AFRICA AND LATIN AMERICA.”
                                                               Click here to view the webinar.

                                                   We are the Camp of Peace and Anti-Imperialism
                             By the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)

Gilbert Achcar’s article in The Nation entitled, “How to Avoid the ‘Anti-Imperialism’ of Fools,” argues that the anti-imperialism of the peace movement has changed over time.  During the time of the Vietnam War, he contends, we all opposed U.S. imperialism’s involvement, but today is different. The peace movement today is wrong to oppose U.S. imperialist interventions in Syria, Libya and other countries, in Achcar’s opinion.  In his attack piece, he specifically condemns three organizations, the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and the U.S. Peace Council, both based in the United States, and the Stop the Wars Coalition from Britain. All three include leaders who have been active in the peace movement from the Vietnam War era to the present. All three have remained consistent in condemning U.S. imperialism’s wars around the world, including its drone wars, sanction wars, CIA Special Operation wars, privatized mercenary army wars and embargo/blockade wars.

It is not the trajectory of the anti-imperialists that has been inconsistent and needs to be examined but the journey of Achcar himself, from his opposition to the Vietnam War to his support to U.S. and British imperialism, which even includes training British military personnel. (1)(2) [read more]

Report on the UNAC 2020 Conference


US Hands off Cuba

This is a picture of a pro-government protest in Cuba that the corporate media said was anti-government

​​Cuba, a small island with a population of only 11 million people and few resources has been the target of US imperialism since its revolution in 1959.  It has been subject to invasions such as that at the Bay of Pigs, many assassination attempts of Fidel Castro, and the US has imposed a crippling blockade for years.  However, under the Trump and Biden administrations these attacks have been stepped up.  Trump greatly increased the sanctions against Cuba and labeled it as a terrorist country.  This further hindered its ability to trade with other countries as banks and markets were closed to Cuba causing severe shortages and hardships for the Cuban people.  The Biden administration maintained these increased sanctions and the terrorist label and is trying to organize demonstrations against the Cuban government based on dissatisfaction with the shortages.  This is especially criminal during the COVID-19 crisis, during which the US sanctions have not allow medicine or medical equipment into the country. [read more]

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