United National Antiwar Coalition

Who We Are

                      UNAC is a national antiwar organization that fights against wars at home and abroad


                                             WHY WE NEED A UNITED NATIONAL ANTIWAR COALITION (UNAC)


UNAC is the largest and broadest antiwar and social justice coalition in the United States.  Our purpose is to bring together the disparate organizations and issues representing people in struggle today and to unify in collective action in opposition to the major perpetrator of war and injustice in the world – the United States government along with its allies and proxies.  These are the UNAC’s eight organizing principles:

1.  Connect the Issues

In the name of expanding profits, we face perpetual imperialist wars and occupations that deplete the world’s resources and contribute to death, destruction, and poverty around the globe.  We pay for the murderous quest for riches by cuts to health care, education, housing, unemployment, and low wages.  Racism, sexism, and Islamophobia are used to divide working people, and the victims are the most vulnerable.  The insatiable need for energy resources subject us to environmental contamination and the horrors of global warming.  Imperialism generates wars, austerity, repression, and climate change.  We must have a left that makes these links clear and unifies these movements in common action.

2.  Mass mobilizations

The history of social change has taught us that only a massive, united, inclusive, independent and democratic movement has the power to create a better world.  Every major victory that expanded rights and bettered people’s lives came because people took to the streets and showed their collective power.  When we learned that NATO would meet in Chicago in 2012, we initiated the call for a national conference, march, and rally there, and in spite of major governmental opposition, 15,000 people protested NATO.  In 2013, we joined with the left and the American people and organized nationally coordinated actions to stop the attack on Syria and stemmed the military rush.  We marched and rallied with the 400,000 people in New York demanding renewable energy and an end to global warming.

3.  Quick Response to Events at Home and Abroad

We supported popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and other Middle East and North African countries, supported fight backs to union-busting and cuts to social services; taken action against Islamophobia and racist attacks on Muslims, joined with immigrants to fight for rights and equality, and marched against the police murders of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and many others demanding an end to police violence, police militarization, and mass incarceration.  We joined the Occupy movement to align with the 99% against the minority that owns the wealth and brings misery to the rest.  We participate in fights for unions and for living wages.

4.  Opposition to U.S. Aggression

UNAC has been able to move quickly to call for action against threats of war directed at Libya, Iran, No. Korea, Africa, Venezuela, Syria, and US involvement in Ukraine.  We denounce the U.S. backing of Saudi Arabia’s brutal attacks on Yemen.  And of course, we have continued to demand the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.  We have championed the no-drones campaign to fight against surveillance and lethal drones, and their murderous use in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

When Israel, with U.S. backing, launched genocidal attacks against the people of Gaza, we took to the streets with thousands of others around the world to declare solidarity and to condemn the brutality of Zionist Israel and the shameful military/economic/diplomatic support of Congress.

5.  Defense of Civil Liberties

Since 9/11, our civil liberties have been under attack - from the passing of the Patriot Act to the NDAA which legalized indefinite detention.  They make speaking out a crime, claiming this supports terrorism.  Whistleblowers are now the criminals. The Snowden revelations have revealed how massive the surveillance state has become, along with the militarization of the police.  Support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Zionist Israel is being criminalized.  The media parrots the government line.

6.  Mutual Defense

With the position that an attack on one is an attack on all, the movement must unite to defend activists and whistleblowers targeted by the government. We called for freeing imprisoned activists like Lynne Stewart and won a victory.  We demand freedom for Mumia abu Jamal and Chelsea Manning, and all political prisoners.  We came to the defense of the Midwest antiwar and solidarity activists, who were targeted by the FBI, and Palestinian-American leader Rasmea Odeh, who they are going after now.  We were among the first to come to the defense of Muslim victims of preemptive prosecution and we serve on the Board of the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms

7.  Education, Debate and Action

UNAC has played an important role in bringing activists together at large national conferences to learn and debate issues and vote on an action program.  Our first conference of 800 people in Albany in 2010, had a major debate on US support for Israel and the need to join the struggle for Palestinian rights.  For the first time, the movement took the position of ending ALL US Support to Israel, support for the Palestinian Right of Return, and adopting the BDS campaign, a stance that greatly contributed to advancing this movement in the US.  Our third conference was held in Secaucus, NJ May 8-10, 2015 - Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad. 400 antiwar and social justice activists came together to discuss the connections between imperialist wars abroad and the racism, repression and austerity imposed on us at home and to issue an Action Program to challenge these wars. In addition to conferences, we hold educational national conference calls, issue statements and working papers on important issues, and organize national speaking tours, as we did for Afghan leader Malalai Joya.

8.  Strength in Unity

When the left is fragmented, it is difficult to organize opposition to imperialist wars, justice issues at home, and putting an end to global warming.  Unity within the antiwar movement and between social justice/climate justice/solidarity movements remains a paramount goal and necessity for a serious challenge to counter the wars abroad and at home. 

The names and organizations of the people on the UNAC administrative committee are below:

Marilyn Levin - Co-coordinator
New England United
Joe Lombardo - Co-coordinator
Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
Chris Gauvreau
Ct. United for Peace
Sara Flounders
International Action Center
Cassia Laham
People's Opposition to War, Imperialism, and Racism (POWIR) - Florida
Margaret Kimberley
Black Agenda Report
Judy Bello

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars

Bernadette Ellorin
Muslim Peace Coalition, USA
Abayomi Azikiwe
Pan African News Wire, Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and injustice
Jeff Mackler
San Francisco UNAC
Phil Wilayto
Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality