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​In response to Trump's Muslim ban and discussion of forming a Muslim Registry, Soundvision, a major source for audio-visual material for mosques and Muslims in the U.S. along with the Muslim Peace Coalition and around 50 other peace, justice and civil liberties groups is proposing a "One America Registry."  This will be a registry for all people to sign.  It will be kept very secure and be used to show your support for Muslims and immigrants who are under attack by the Trump administration.  It will also be used to call people together in protest and resistance when the administration increases attacks on Muslims and immigrants.  Please add your name to the registry and declare your support for these vulnerable communities under attack.  Please sign by going here: https://oneamericaregistry.org/

Veterans On the March • Memorial Day in D.C.

Stop Endless War • Build for Peace!

May 29 and 30, 2017  Washington DC

For more information: https://www.veteransforpeace.org/take-action/stop-endless-war-build-peace-memorial-day-dc/

See the video: https://youtu.be/SNDTgecHp3k

​To join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1709862185979408/

UNAC Launches Odessa Solidarity Web site.

​As the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate economically and politically, Progressive and anti-fascist forces are coming under increasing attack.  This is the case for the Odessa Council of Mothers of May 2, which was formed by relatives of these killed and wounded by the fascist attack on protesters at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2, 2014.  In response, UNAC has initiated the Odessa solidarity campaign.  The web site is here: www.odessasolidaritycampaign.org. Please go to the web site and support the campaign.

​Video, fascism in Ukraine:


Read documentation of the growth of fascism in Ukraine: 

http://nepajac.org/ukraine%20evidence.pdf  (please wait a few seconds for documentation to load)

​          The UNAC conference is approaching fast

June 16-18, 2017
Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 North 3rd Street, Richmond, VA 23219

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                        UNAC's founding conference in 2010

This will be the place where the antiwar and social justice movement will come together this spring to discuss, map strategy and organize for the coming period.  Antiwar leaders from across the country and across the world will be in attendance including: Ajamu Baraka, Medea Benjamin, Glen Ford, Bernadette Ellorin, Bruce Gagnon, Lawrence Hamm, Jaribu Hill, Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr, Margaret Kimberley, Ray McGovern, David Swanson, Ann Wright, Kevin Zeese and many more.  For a more complete list of participants, please go to http://www.unacconference2017.org/p/blog-page_4.html.

See the conference web site:  http://www.unacconference2017.org
Join and share the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1208020632638814/
To see a report on UNAC's last conference, please go here:

                                         The extraordinary Lynne Stewart
                                                                        By JEFF MACKLER

(Mackler was the West Coast Coordinator of the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee, Director of the Northern California-based Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, and a member of the Administrative Committee of the United National Antiwar Coalition.)


​                                                                 Lynne Stewart and Ralph Poynter with friends at last UNAC conference

Twenty Years of Genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

For the past 20 years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has experience genocide that has claimed the lives of 6 million people.  The genocide has been enabled through US financing and arms.  Please view the videos below for the explanation that you will never hear on the U.S. corporate media and go to the web site of Friends of the Congo for further information.

Friends of the Congo can be found here: http://congojustice.org

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DAvD3DY_ME&t=3s


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Two incidents serve well to highlight peoples’ attorney Lynne Stewart’s extraordinary life in the service of humanity.

Charged with “conspiracy to aid and abet terrorism,” Lynne took the witness stand in early 2005 at the close of her nine-month frame-up trial presided over by Federal District Court Judge John Koeltl in New York City. Stewart was asked by her attorney, Michael Tigar, why she had issued a press release on behalf of her client, the "blind" Sheik and Egyptian cleric, Omar Abdel Rahman, when she knew that doing so was a violation of a Special Administrative Order (SAM) that prohibited Rahman from engaging in contact with anyone, anywhere, other than his attorneys. Rahman had been falsely convicted in 1995 of participating in a New York City terrorist conspiracy and was serving a life-sentence in Rochester, Minn.

The answer to that question, put to Stewart full square, stood at the core of her case. “Why not just appeal the SAM’s restrictions to a higher court?” Tigar continued. [read more]

Report on the International Day of Solidarity with the People of Odessa

On April 10, 2017, more than two dozen organizations in 19 cities in 12 countries across Europe and North America together called on the government of Ukraine to immediately release all political prisoners and end the current wave of repression against relatives of the victims of the fascist-led massacre at Odessa’s House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014. April 10 is a date of great significance to all Odessans, as it marks the day in 1944 when Odessa was liberated from years of fascist occupation. The Odessa Solidarity Campaign thanks everyone who participated in this effort and we look forward to working more closely with you in the future. For the full report, please CLICK HERE.

Statement by the Administrative Committee of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) on the death of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

We join with the people of Cuba and peace- and justice-loving people everywhere in mourning the death of Comandante Fidel Castro. Fidel fought all his life to better the circumstances of working people and the poor in Cuba and throughout the world. The Cuban Revolution that he led was an inspiration for millions. [read more]

Report of UNAC's Trip to Cuba

Statement on Venezuela
by UNAC & the Black Alliance for Peace

Massive May Day march in Caracas not reported by the media

​ The United States has been conducting a brutal, 20-year-long campaign of destabilization against Venezuela in an attempt to cause “regime change” in that country.  This has taken the form of economic sabotage and financial manipulation as well as support for the mobilization of right-wing forces in increasingly violent demonstrations. [read more]


Statement by UNAC on the US missile attack on Syria

Stop the U.S. Bombing of Syria! 

U.S. Out of Syria and the Middle East Now!

On Thursday, April 6, the Trump administration launched 60 Cruise Tomahawk missiles from its offshore Mediterranean warships at Syria's al-Sshayrat military airfield near Homs, Syria’s third largest city. The U.S. strikes obliterated substantial portions of Syria's military capacity there. Trump's action came a day after Democrat Hillary Clinton urged the U.S. bombing of Syria [read more]

Justice for the Jax 5

On April 7, 2017 five anti-war activists were brutalized and unjustly arrested in a violent attack by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) during a peaceful demonstration against the United States' war in Syria. UNAC stands unequivocally in solidarity with the five who were targets of state repression: Dave Schneider, Connell Crooms, Willie Wilder, Kristina Kittles, and Tom Beckham. [read more]

Sign the petition for the Jax5:


                                UNAC Launches Odessa Solidarity Campaign

As you know, UNAC has been increasingly involved with supporting the anti-fascist movement in Odessa, Ukraine. (See http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/05/13/eyewitness-odessa-anti-fascist-resistance-in-ukraine/)

The situation in Odessa is getting more difficult as the right-wing federal government and the growing fascist movement try to suppress progressive voices. In response, we are now formalizing our work as the Odessa Solidarity Campaign, which will be an ongoing UNAC project.

U.S. and Media attacks on Russia

​Statement by the UNAC Administrative Committee

Day by day, the chorus of voices falsely warning of Russian “aggression” grows louder and more belligerent: Devious Russia hacked the U.S. presidential elections. Imperialist Russia took over Crimea. Manipulative Russia is behind the fighting in Donbass. Aggressive Russia is threatening Eastern Europe. Terrifying Russia is now “our” biggest foreign enemy.


Even many otherwise clear-headed progressives are affected by the propaganda coming from the Democratic Party and the mass media. Let’s step back a moment from the rhetoric and look at the overall picture to see who really is the aggressor here. [read more]

This campaign, which has been endorsed by Odessa’s Council of Mothers of May 2, will continue to support the Mothers and their call for an international investigation into the massacre of scores of progressives on May 2, 2014, as well as educating the public about the role of the U.S. in the developing economic and political crisis in Ukraine as a whole. This crisis must be seen in the context of the continuing U.S.-led NATO expansion into Eastern Europe, which violates an agreement the U.S. made with Russia at the time of the fall of the Soviet Union The result has been the military encirclement of Russia, creating a dangerous situation with a major nuclear power.

Please visit the new OSC website at www.odessasolidaritycampaign.org, sign the Council of Mothers’ petition for an international investigation and sign up to receive updates from the campaign. If you’re interested in being more active in this effort, please send an email to contact@odessasolidaritycampaign.org or UNACpeace@gmail.com and we will help you get involved.   

Hands Off Syria Coalition

The Hands off Syrian Coalition, of which UNAC is a founding member, sponsored a series of speaking events on Syria throughout USA during the month of December, 2016. Our keynote speaker for these events was Eva Bartlett, independent Canadian journalist who has done a significant amount of reporting from Syria and came directly from Aleppo to the U.S. to participate in our speaking tour. 

To see the videos of most of the events and press conference and to get involved with the coalition, please go to the Coalition's web site at:


The Ultra-Right-Wing Agenda of Donald Trump is met with Mass Protests throughout the U.S. and the World


By all accounts, the mass upsurge that has emerged since the election of the ultra-right-wing billionaire Donald Trump has been unprecedented for a new president. The naked racism, misogyny, xenophobia and militarism that mark Trump’s agenda has awakened millions who had been lulled into inaction under the previous administration. [read more]

UNAC Supports Human Rights in Odessa, Ukraine

Report from UNAC Delegation to Odessa: Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine

Stop Government Repression Against Anti-Fascists in Odessa!
Free Alexander Kushnarev!

March 6, 2017  —  It’s been nearly three years since the brutal massacre of 46 mostly young progressives by a neo-Nazi-led mob in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. Government repression and right-wing attacks against Odessans demanding justice for that atrocity have been constant, but now have entered a new and much more dangerous stage.

On Feb. 23, Alexander Kushnarev, the father of one of the young people murdered on May 2, 2014, was arrested by agents of the federal Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). Oleg Zhuchenko, chief prosecutor for the Odessan region, claims Kushnarev had been planning to kidnap and torture a member of the country’s Rada, or parliament. [read more]


​UNAC stands in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers and all the people of Palestine living under a brutal apartheid regime or in forced exile.

After nearly 70 years of military colonial rule in violation of international and basic humanitarian laws, conditions in many ways have worsened under increasingly right-wing Israeli rulers who operate with impunity under the protection of the bipartisan U.S. government. [read more]

At the end of World War Two, the city of Odessa in present-day Ukraine was declared a Hero City by the Soviet Union for its determined resistance to Nazi occupation. It’s a designation still valued by the people of this metropolis of a million people on the western shore of the Black Sea.

On May 2, 2016, Odessans once again showed their great capacity for courage. Defying threats by local and national fascist organizations, some 3-4,000 city residents, accompanied by international monitors from across Europe and the United States, gathered to pay their respects to the victims of a fascist massacre and press their demand for an international investigation.  [read more]

Click here to read the UNAC initiated letter of support for the right of the people of Odessa to hold a memorial for those killed on May 2, 2014 along with the list of signers.

 Click here for additional reports, videos and pictures from the UNAC delegation to Odessa.

    From November 20 through the 28, UNAC supporters joined others from Code Pink, Witness Against Torture and the U.S. Peace Council at a peace conference in Guantanamo City, Cuba.  Besides the large presence of U.S. peace and justice activists, the conference was attended by delegations from Canada, Mexico and many other countries from throughout the world.  The conference was the Fourth International Seminar for Peace and the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases and was held at Guantanamo to draw attention to the fact that the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, generally considered the first U.S. foreign military base, still stands on land stolen from the Cuban people.  [read more]



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UNAC to protest NATO and Trump in Brussels, May 24 - 25

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will be holding a Summit in Brussels on May 24 – 25.  Donald Trump will be attending.   UNAC will be sending a representative to speak at the anti-NATO and anti-Trump actions that will be attended by people from many countries coming to protest the military aggression of NATO and Trump.  


UNAC sponsored anti-NATO action in Chicago in 2012

The NATO conference comes at a time when the Trump administration is proposing a $54 billion increase in the military budget and demanding that the other NATO countries also increase their military budgets.  It comes at a time when NATO is taking an increasingly aggressive stance towards Russia and is surrounding Russia with military bases and a missile “defense” system.  It comes at a time when NATO has conducted massive, provocative military maneuvers right on the Russian border, and it comes at a time when the US has taken an increasingly aggressive military posture in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and other areas of the world. [read more]

If you will be in Brussels for the anti-NATO protests, please let us know by sending an email to UNACpeace@gmail.com.