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Many protests continue around the country against police violence especially directed against the Black community.  Video taped shooting and beating are uploaded by concerned citizens daily.  As a result a new fight back is building in many cities.  Please click the link above and join one of these protests.

 Click here to see the UNAC statement on Ferguson.

Ferguson: Outrage Continues to grow, protests continue.

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In a travesty of justice, Palestinian-American leader Rasmea Odeh, was found guilty of “Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization” and faces up to 10 years of imprisonment, being stripped of her U.S. citizenship, and deportation. She was denied bail and sits in a prison with inadequate facilities and needed medical care until her sentencing scheduled for March 10, 2015. Appeals have been filed to move her close to home and to demand a retrial to drop the charges against her.

The charge was based on a false confession and lengthy imprisonment extracted by lengthy torture and sexual assault by the notorious Israeli military system in 1969. The biased judge allowed the Israeli conviction for which she served 10 years of incarceration to be entered in evidence for the prosecution while denying testimony about her experience of brutal torture and subsequent chronic-PTSD.

It is evident that the real reason she is under attack is because she is an uncompromising Palestinian activist and advocate. Her work as the associate director of Chicago’s Arab-American Network that assists Arab and Muslim immigrants and her organizing efforts for Palestinian liberation and self-determination and an end to U.S. funding for Israeli occupation is what has made her a target.

For more about the trial, the case, and the ongoing campaign to free Rasmea, go to the Committee to Stop FBI Repression website at www.stopfbi.net.

Rasmeah Odeh found guilty

Campaign to free her continues

Rasmeah's sentencing is March 12 - need letter for leniency

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We are NOT Charlie Hebdo!.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Francois Hollande and other

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We are Not Charlie Hebdo. Neither do we condone the bombings and murder of journalists at their headquarters, however much we are repulsed by their racist, chauvinist and hateful Islamophobic caricatures of oppressed people. Neither do we condone the subsequent murders at the Paris Kosher supermarket.  
Yes, we are for free speech, freedom of expression and democratic rights for all, including the Muslim and antiwar activists who were banned by the French government from street protests in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, or the Muslim women who are banned from wearing the veil. We are for freedom of expression and the right to exist of Muslim Americans, 700,000 of whom have been investigated or interrogated in the U.S. for being Muslim, or the 1.5 million Latino immigrants in the U.S. who are imprisoned, detained and deported, or the entire world’s people who are victims of the all-pervasive high-tech surveillance of everyone’s personal means of communication by the U.S., France and all other so-called democratic nations. [read more]

No New Authorization for the Use of Military Force

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Along with several other antiwar groups, UNAC supports the petition below against new authorization for the use of Military Force.  Please click on the link below and sign the petition.

The U.S. Congress is considering another "Authorization for the Use of Military Force" -- a broad approval for more war.

This is the last thing we need. These wars are not making us safer but generating enemies. They are not surgical operations, but mass killings, as well as assaults on the natural environment and the public budget -- not to mention excuses for curtailing civil liberties.

Please sign this statement for delivery to the media and Congress:

Reject S. 452, "A bill to provide lethal weapons to the Government of Ukraine." Click below to sign the open letter to the U.S. Senate.

The United States is the leading provider of weapons to the world, and the practice of providing weapons to countries in crisis, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, has proven disastrous. Expanding NATO to Russia's border and arming Russia's neighbors threatens something worse than disaster. The United States is toying with nuclear war.
[read more and sign the open letter]

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