United National Antiwar Coalition

UNAC Videos

Talk by UNAC co-coordinator at one of the alternative summits to the NATO, 2017 meeting in Brussels

Twin Parties of Imperialist War (UNAC panel at 2017 Left forum)

Hands of Syria (UNAC at 2017 Left forum with Hands off Syria Coalition)

UNAC Left Forum 2017 Panel: Democrats & Republicans, Twin Parties of Imperialist War

Hands off Syria Coialition panel at the Left Forum

Videos of UNAC's 2017 conference in Richmond, VA

Talk in Brussels at World Peace Council anti-NATO meeting by UNAC co-coordinator, Joe Lombardo

Hands off Syria Coalition meeting in NYC with Stephen Gowans

UNAC Peace and Solidarity Rally in New York City

UNAC Panel on Ukraine at 2016 Left Forum (by Sue Harris, People's Video Network)

Russian TV coverage of UNAC Panel on Ukraine at 2016 Left Forum

UNAC supported forum on the situation in Syria

Video's from the 2015 UNAC conference, "Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad"

Video of 10/25/2014 New York City UNAC forum, "End US Wars Around the World and at home

UNAC panel at the 2014 Left Forum, The New Face of US Imperialist Wars

Interview with Madea Benjamin at 2012 UNAC conference

Ending Nuclear Power at UNAC conference- Part 1

        Part 2

         Part 3

         Part 4

UNAC panel on Contradiction in the US Agenda for Full spectrum Dominance

Noam Chomsky speaking at UNAC meeting for Malalai Joya in Boston

UNAC co-coordinator speaking at anti-NATO rally in Newport, Wales

David Swanson Speaking at the 2012 UNAC Conference

Margaret Kimberley speaking on UNAC panel at the Left form caller "The War on Africa"

Asian contingent at April 9, 2011 UNAC antiwar march in New York City

UNAC workshop on Understanding the Organizing Against Expanding Wars in Yemen, Pakistan and Bahrain.

UNAC co-coordinator Joe Lombardo speaking on his anti-drone trip to Pakistan at a meeting in Canada

Dr. Shaik Ubaid of the Muslim Peace Coalition speaking at UNAC rally

The Shifting Strategies of Empire.  A UNAC panel

Interview with Malalai Joya by UNAC affiliate Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace.  The interview was held in 2013

       During her 10 city tour of the US sponsored by UNAC.

Malalai Joya speaking at a meeting with Eve Ensler in New York during her UNAC sponsored tour of the US

Ramsey Clark speaking at UNAC rally in New York City

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahed, leader of the Muslim Peace Coalition speaking at UNAC rally

Anti-drone rally at the Hancock Drone base in Syracuse, NY