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Support Rasmea Odeh

Rasmeah Odeh found guilty – Campaign to free her continues

In a travesty of justice, Palestinian-American leader Rasmea Odeh, was found guilty of “Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization” and faces up to 10 years of imprisonment, being stripped of her U.S. citizenship, and deportation. She was denied bail and sits in a prison with inadequate facilities and needed medical care until her sentencing scheduled for March 10, 2015. Appeals have been filed to move her close to home and to demand a retrial to drop the charges against her.

For more about the trial, the case, and the ongoing campaign to free Rasmea, go to the Committee to Stop FBI Repression website at

Support Ziyad Yahgi

Framed-up young Muslim prisoner Ziyad Yaghi, jailed under harsh conditions Ziyad Yaghi is one of many Muslim men entrapped by the FBI since 9/11 and charged and convicted for offering support to terrorism with no valid evidence of wrongdoing. While serving an outrageous 31-year sentence, he has been confined to a Special Housing Unit (SHU) in a U.S. Penitentiary separated from the general population under harsh conditions for over a year. Placement in the SHU involves solitary confinement and extremely limited visits and communication with the outside, including with family and legal representatives. There is no explanation given for his isolation. His defense committee and others ask for letters to the prison warden and to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons asking for him to be moved and to Ziyad to show that people support him and he is not forgotten. For more information and to view a sample letter, you can go to the website of the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms and to

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